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Roses from Bones is an indie-folk solo act featuring Chris Fritz delivering baritone male vocals over percussive acoustic guitar. Fritz plays both originals and covers and combines deep emotions with high energy for a captivating live performance.

Fritz was born and raised in Florida, and has performed live across central Florida and even as far as Los Angeles. He currently lives and works out of Cocoa beach, FL.

The Roses from Bones project draws inspiration from the diverse experiences of humanity: life and death, joy and pain, love and rage.

Currently, the Roses from Bones discography includes one live-session EP, two live-session singles, and one studio single. 

On top of music, Fritz is also a writer. He blogs weekly about applying ancient philosophy to modern life, and he is currently collaborating on a fiction novel called Genesis: Until the Stars Burn Cold with fellow musician Ryan Ingram.

In addition to acoustic guitar and vocals, Fritz plays drums, percussion, and saxophone. Fritz also writes electronic jazz for a side project called FYGHT. 


Guillotine - Studio Single - 2021 - Listen On YouTube

Load Your Gun - Live Session Single - 2020 - Listen On YouTube

Glass House - Live Session Cover Song - 2020 - Listen On YouTube

Live at Dilan Jay Sessions Vol. 1 - 2019 - Listen On YouTube


Chris Fritz of Roses from Bones
Chris Fritz of Roses from Bones
Chris Fritz of Roses from Bones
Chris Fritz of Roses from Bones
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