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How To Keep Going When Everything Sucks


We should just give up. That’s what people are saying. As the world spirals into chaos, instead of leaning in, they want to opt out. 

Tang ping, goblin mode, bimbofication. Every community has a different term for the same idea: stop giving a fuck and just seek personal pleasure. 

These philosophies urge you to trade in long-term goals, strategies, and discipline in exchange for a short-term buzz. No thoughts, just vibes. Nothing good can possibly happen in the long term, right? Might as well stop trying. 

Fuck that. While other people give up, you should step up. 

It’s true, shit is hitting the fan and some of the goals you’ve been chasing have become unattainable. But that’s the thing — goals are bullshit. 

Setting goals doesn’t accomplish anything. Don’t let your epitaph say, “This dead person had a lot of big goals.”

Get up and do something that terrifies you. Try to make a difference — if not in the world, then in your own fucking life. 

Quote of the Week

“Constant misfortune brings this one blessing: to whom it always assails, it eventually fortifies.” — Seneca

Hardships are a blessing. A nail is useless without a hammer. Likewise, a human is worthless without strife. 

You’re a born conqueror. But you live in a world that has made shackles out of comfort. We’re pacified by prescriptions, silenced by substances, and tranquilized by treats. 

But strong nails are made of steel, and steel is forged in fire. The flames burn away the flaws that cause weakness. Then, finally, after the nail is forged, a hammer drives it where it belongs so it can finally fulfill its purpose. 

Powerful people are like steel nails. Forged by flame. Driven by the striking hammer of life. Individually, they’re small. However, strong nails allow us to build structures where people can work, play, and rest for generations. 

Life is a hammer. You can be a mirror, passively reflecting the ills of the world around you, or you can be a nail, building a brighter future. 


Question of the Week

What actions could you take this week to build a brighter world for the people you care about—even just for a day?

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