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How To Find Yourself

Last week, we talked about how people always do exactly what they want to do 100% of the time. People will talk all sorts of shit about how they want to improve their lives, but then they won’t do a damn thing. It’s usually because they don’t know themselves or what they want. 

We crave peace and comfort, but our bodies are engineered for stress. Anatomically, our bodies are the same as our ancestors who slept on the ground and stabbed mammoths. To become the apex predator of planet Earth, we invented language, tools, writing, and civilization.

But now, we live in air-conditioned boxes isolated from the world that separate us from the Earth, and we’ve fallen in love with a prison of our own creation: the comfortable modern life.

Our DNA is crying out for a challenge. Our bones and muscles get stronger under strain. Our mental and emotional faculties do too. That’s why we’re depressed — life feels like it’s getting harder because it’s too damn easy.

Quote of the Week

“He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.” — Marcus Aurelius

Look In The Mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a predator, or do you see prey? Are you a domestic animal growing fat on grains in a pen, or are you a human — a fighter, a lover, an innovator, and a leader?

If you want to control your destiny, you need to find yourself first. I don’t mean “finding your passion” (though that’s important too). I mean you need to look inward and figure out who the fuck you really are — you, the descendant of creatures who saw a wild, terrifying world around them and rose to conquer the whole damn thing.

The only way to find yourself — the primal being at your core — is to get uncomfortable. Push your body and mind in new ways.

  • Eat something healthy that you hate

  • Fast for a day

  • Go for a walk outside for half an hour

  • Do a workout you hate

  • Sleep on the ground

  • Turn off the air conditioner on a hot day

  • Walk outside barefoot

  • Look someone who scares you straight in the eyes

  • Go to a social event by yourself

  • Meditate

  • Say no to something you want

  • Give some money away

  • Call someone out on their bad behavior

Every time you push through your mental blocks like pain, discomfort, and fear, you grow — there’s literally more of you. That’s the essential concept of antifragility.

When you strain your muscles and skeleton, you grow more muscle and bone mass (as long as you’re eating right). In the same way, every time you put your mind under stress, you get smarter, tougher, and more confident ( as long as you’re feeding your mind right).

So I’ll ask you again — who the fuck are you? Have you ever truly examined yourself to see what you’re made of?

After you discover who you are, you can figure out where you truly want to go.

Question of the Week

What are some of the creature comforts that have been holding you back? What small actions can you take this week to add positive stress to your life?

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