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How To Conquer Your Fears

 Last week we talked about how people usually have an appetite bigger than their workload and that it leads to dissatisfaction because they want what they haven’t earned. Today I want to talk about a sensation common across the animal kingdom that inspires us to grow but also holds us back: fear. 

Fear is a love note from our ancestors, warning us not to fuck around in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a world where Death may lurk around every corner, fear keeps us alive. Fear motivates us to prepare for the future, maintain awareness in the present, and learn from the past. 

However, sometimes we let fear paralyze us. We slip into “prey mode,” where we’re afraid to stand out, afraid to break away from the status quo, and afraid to leave people, places, and things behind in pursuit of a better life. 

We can deal with fear in two ways: we can eat it, or we can wither in it. 

Quote of the Week

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Pursuing a life worth living is the most terrifying thing you’ll ever do. When you sacrifice comfort, convenience, popularity, and pleasure in pursuit of a virtuous life, you’ll make enemies of some of your closest friends overnight.

That’s the thing about personal growth: when you hold yourself to a higher standard, your life becomes an insult to people who refuse to change. The more you grow, the more people will try to cut you down. Every step of your journey will be a fight, and you’re guaranteed to fail countless times along the way.

Every time you fail, every time you doubt yourself, every time you look back at what you’ve left behind, people will try to pull you down. They’ll insult you. They’ll try to tempt you and distract you. They’ll beg for you to stop. If you decide to keep moving forward, they’ll abandon you, or worse, throw knives at your back.

If you want to live a meaningful life, you should be afraid. You should be fucking terrified, because pain, treachery, and loss are guaranteed. And then you should eat your fear, because fear is the fuel of courage.

Every time you do something you’re afraid of, you grow. There’s more of you. You grow taller and stronger like an ancient tree that has weathered wicked storms and raging fires. Eventually, you look around and realize that the things you used to fear seem harmless now.

So what will you be: a sequoia, tall and strong, or a bonsai, stunted and sculpted by the will of other people?

Question of the Week

What fears are preventing you from fighting for the life you want?

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